About us


The Bavarian company, ESERA GmbH, manufactures high-quality and sophisticated electrical components (Sensors, Switch Actuators, Intelligent Gateways and IoT node Controllers) for Building- and Smart Homes- as well as for Industrial and Commercial applications.

At smart home area, our components can be used, for example, to save energy (recording energy consumption), to increase living comfort (heating, light, shutter control) and for monitoring (e.g. windows or leaks). In the area of Commercial / IoT monitoring of server rooms, cold chains, greenhouses, silo systems, offices, individual buildings and much more can be realized.

ESERA-Automation offers the hardware (Sensors, Actuators) and intelligent system interfaces (Gateways) for the implementation of these application examples. The latter enable the integration of control and visualization systems according to the needs of the customer or installer (e.g. Wago, KNX, Loxone, IP-Symcon).

ESERA GmbH Product and company philosophy

  • We develop and manufacture all products in Germany
  • Production at fair wages and on state-of-the-art machines
  • Consistent product quality at a high level
  • Shipping under reasonable working conditions. We only ship orders with freight companies that ensure reasonable working conditions for their employees
  • Our products are developed under the requirement of high energy efficiency
  • Long product life of 15 - 25 years