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ESERA Produktkatalog 2018-2019
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ESERA Product Catalogue IoT (Internet of Things), Industry 4.0, Smart Automation, Smart Building, Smart Home for private, commercial and OEM 2020 - 2021 Selected products for 1-Wire, central control and eBus can be found in our new...
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Adapter cable USB adapter open
Adapter cable USB adapter open
Adapter cable RJ12 to open cable ends. Connection cable between 1-Wire USB adapter DS9490 (1-wire bus master) and 1-wire hub, 1-wire hub III or sensors. Connection: 1 x RJ12 connector on open cable ends (5V, 1-Wire Data, GND) Dimensions:...
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1-Wire cable Bus coupler PLC
1-Wire cable Bus coupler PLC
Adapter cable between 1-Wire bus coupler PLC (Part No. 11302-T) and a WAGO® PLC (750-841, 750-881, ...). The adapter cable is designed to connect the 1-wire bus coupler PLC ( 11302-T ) and a WAGO® PLC, including models 750-841,...
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