Multisensor air quality - humidity and temperature sensor

Multisensor air quality - humidity and temperature sensor
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Air quality, humidity and temperature Multisensor with "air quality traffic light"... more
Product information "Multisensor air quality - humidity and temperature sensor"

Air quality, humidity and temperature Multisensor
with "air quality traffic light"

Discontinued! The successors are: Air quality sensor Pro I and Air Quality Sensor Pro II

With the Multisensor for air quality, temperature and humidity, it is easy to monitor the indoor climate. It is one of the few sensors on the market that combines all three types of sensors in one attractive sensor housing. The air quality sensor used operates on the basis of a VOC mixed gas sensor.
The air quality in the form of a "traffic light" is shown with green, yellow and red indicators. The "traffic light" is switched off in the dark by an integrated light sensor. Thus the sensor is also suitable for children's rooms and bedrooms.

With the help of the air quality sensor, a statement on the current air quality and advice on ventilation can be given. With the help of the humidity sensor, the humidity conditions in the room are monitored and a warning about possible mould growth could be issued via the evaluation software.

All sensors together make up an important sensor for heating and ventilation systems and are a main component of an individual room control system.
In combination with switch modules, e.g. actuators of radiators or ventilation systems can be controlled and regulated.

1-Wire components

DS18B20, temperature
DS2438 Multisensor for air humidity and air quality



Temperature sensor


Measuring range

- 40°C to +60°C (limited by the housing, sensor itself - 40°C to +125°C)


+/- 0,5° in the range of -10°C - 85°C


9 - 12 bit, 0.5°C - 0.0625°C/bit depending on the selected resolution

Air humidity


Air humidity sensor

Capacitive sensor

Measuring range air humidity

0 -100% rel. air humidity


+/-3,5 %




9 bit, approx. 0.32% humidity

Air quality


Air Quality Sensor Type

Mixed Gas Sensor (VCO Sensor)

Measuring range air quality

400 - 1800 ppm (CO2 equivalent)


+/- 10%, depending on the air composition

1-Wire connection

3 - conductor connection (data, ground and 5V, parasitic operation not supported)

Operating voltage

5 V= (+10%/-20%)

Power consumption

approx. 45mA


push-in terminal

Dimensions (outside)

71 x 71 x 32mm (LxWxH)


Stand - Alone operation

The ESERA multisensor air quality can also be operated without connection to a 1-wire bus system due to the integrated air quality traffic light. Only a power supply with 5V DC voltage is required for this. The internal sensor controller allows stand-alone operation at any time. The ambient air is also analysed and a qualified statement about the air quality traffic light is output. This means that every room can be monitored, whether or not it is connected to a home automation system.

Assembly: Aufputz, Wohnraum
Measured values: Luftfeuchte, Luftgüte, Temperatur
Function: Sensorik
Design: ESERA
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